Eitri VáliMature

model: jake gyllenhaal
story:  Beauty and the Feast

Full Name: Eitri Váli
Age: 28
Species: Human
Appearance Tall with lean muscle; a natural fighters build.  Six-foot-three with long chestnut brown hair and hard set, sterile gray eyes.  Usually has a scruffy mess of facial hair.  Scarred, taut face; sharp angular features and a strong jawline.  The smile of a killer, has a frantic laugh.
PersonalityReckless, violent; startlingly intelligent, arrogant, blunt.  Eitri is a no-bullshit kind of man.  Sees almost everything as a form of battle.  Considered ruthless but is very moral, in his own way.

History:  Eitri was raised for battle.  

As the second son of the King, he was not raised for dignity or foreign affairs.  He was not raised for justice, balance, or burdened with the skills and lessons it took to lead a kingdom.

He never expected to be anything more than the Master of the Royal Arms - a position in which he fit perfectly and took great enjoyment from.  From an early age Eitri demonstrated an innate skill for violence and an uncanny ability with weapons.  It seemed only fitting that his father have him carved into the perfect warrior.

But when his brother fell to the plague six months before he was to take the crown, Eitri was the reluctant last-resort.  Called home from battle to ascend the crown, he belligerently refuses to take a wife.  Even after his father passes, Eitri rules the kingdom with an eye for expansion and a mind for battle, but even he can tell something is missing.

They call him the BloodSoaked King and few dare to enter his halls unannounced.  His kingdom is not known for a wealth of allies but instead for the bones left in the wake of his armies.

Young, reckless, and consumed with a seemingly insatiable bloodlust, Eitri spends most of his time conquering other lands, secretly searching for the pieces he is missing.

The End

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