Atlas AriaraMature

model: taylor momsen
story: Atlas of Atlantis (Solo)

Full Name: Princess Atlas Ariara; of the Royal Bloodline Thosos
Age: 1125
Species: Atlantean
Appearance:  Just barely 5'9" with wide ocean green eyes and delicate features.  She has a narrow face, a petite frame, and a lithe musculature.  Her Atlantean tattoos decorate her collar bones and shoulders, rise up around the lower half of her throat, and wrap down around the sides of her ribs.
Personality: Atlas is precisely the woman she was raised to be: thoughtful, polished, well-mannered.  She behaves like a lady in every circumstance, knows when it is appropriate to let loose, and when someone needs something.  She has a big heart and a bigger smile; she's learned to find joy in the small things when she can, and how to deal with the greater sadnesses.  She struggles with an unquenchable loneliness spawned by the tragic absence of her twin; at times she seeks out an invisible presence near her, even though she knows Nysa isn't there.  Atlas fears many things but speaks of them to no one.

History:  Atlas, raised alongside Nysa and Eneas, grew up in a loving home.  Her parents were deeply in love and that foundation nourished her environment into a blossoming universe of joy and learning.  She made great strides in her studies and the arts, she danced with the beautiful and mysterious Tendus - a form of ballet performed only by a select, highly admired company of Atlanteans.  

When her mother and twin are discovered as missing in the Outer World as the plague ravaged her underwater city, she became inconsolable.  For weeks, she locked herself in her bedroom and wept. 

In the most desperate time of the plague she burst - unprepared - into her inheritance, saving countless lives, including that of her father, the King.  The force of such unexpected power put her into a brief coma, and upon waking, she had no memories of the plague or of the wellspring of power kept within her.  Knowing that she must not be kept in the dark, the King tells her of the events in great detail but nothing sounds familiar to Atlas.

Soon, she and her father must watch as the once-great Atlantean city succumbs to famine and hardship.  They are left with only one choice, and though it may mean they will never see their beloved Mother and Nysa again, they do what is necessary to save their people.

The last thing Atlas remembered before the cryosleep settled over her was the rough warmth of Eneas' fingers pulling away from her hand.

The End

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