Captain Eneas KironMature

model: matthew terry
story: Atlas of Atlantis (Solo)

Full Name: Captain Eneas Kiron, the Stalwart Shield
Age: 1128
Species: Atlantean
Appearance: A towering six-foot-three, he was built to be a warrior.  Lean and fast, with intimidatingly wide shoulders and thick arms covered in glowing blue Atlantean hieroglyphs.  Similar tattoos cover his back, along with the scars that cover his body from spars and small battles.  Typically seen with a dense layer of scruff around his jawline, of a few shades darker than the silvery ashen-black shade of his shaggy hair.  Sea-teal colored eyes, deep inset features, angular face.  (
Personality:  Eneas is a fierce wellspring of power - on the battlefield he is ruthless, barbaric, and unstoppable.  Off the battlefield he is quiet and relaxed; he is not a jovial man but humor does not escape him.  The circumstances of his life have shaped him into an independent, honorable man and his loyalty to the crown, and his adopted family, is stronger than the best Atlantean steel.  He is honest to a fault and quick to be cynical, though at heart he's somewhat of an idealist.  He is unwavering and gifted; brilliant beyond the expectations of even royal children.

History:  Abandoned on the steps of the palace late one evening, Eneas was discovered by the Queen once his fussing grew loud enough to wake her.  The King and Queen raised him alongside their twin daughters.  The truth of his origins is never kept from Eneas or the twins.  

After he turns of age, Eneas enlists in the army - against the wishes of the King, claiming that if he wants to be of the Royal family, he must earn his place.  When the plague takes over Atlantis, he is sent by the King to warn away the Queen and the eldest daughter, who are on their decennial trip to the Outer World. He discovers that the Queen and elder twin have gone missing and immediately begins to lead the hunt for them.

He manages to find them and break them out, but the mission goes wrong and the Princess ends up fleeing into the city while the Queen dies in his arms.  He vows to find the Princess, and spends years attempting to do so, only ceasing his search when the King calls him back to Atlantis - where he discovers that the plague has ruined the once-great city, and now the Atlanteans are starving while their crops fail to grow.  He is given the command to guard the sunken city while its inhabitants go into cryosleep in a last attempt to save their failing world.

He is to awaken them when he finds the solution.

The End

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