Caelaen Ehno HaddenMature

model: barbara palvin
story: the Hunters of Nyque

Full Name: Caelaen Ehno Hadden
Age: 27
Species: Human
Appearance: 5’9, long chestnut hair. Blue eyes, full lips. Slender and curvy.  (
Personality: Fearless, independent, strong-willed. Brilliant, capable, feisty.

History: Cae was born into a middle-class family. Her life was largely uneventful - full of love, compassion, and safety. She wanted for very little, did not see a point in excess material wealth, and grew to be a firecracker of intelligence and energy. Everyone that knew her loved her for her honesty and the unflinching strength with which she addressed all aspects of her life, even the day her parents were killed in an unfortunate vehicular accident when she was thirteen. Her aunt and uncle took her into their home, a much wealthier household than she’d been born into, and gave her the everything she could need.

She graduated college at twenty-three with multiple degrees. Having no particular incentive to go into any one career, she begins to travel the world. At the age of twenty-four she falls in love for the first time.

Two years into the relationship she wakes to find her fiancee missing. In the apartment they shared she can find no evidence that he ever existed. There are no photos, no articles of clothing, no pieces of mail addressed to him. The longer she is awake, the more his memory fades.

She begins to believe he was nothing but a dream.

Until one morning she finds a single note in strangely familiar handwriting, shoved in the farthest reaches of her desk drawer. It reads, “You are my world, my light, my salvation. Come find me on the deck, I have something to ask you.”

Everything comes back to her.

The End

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