Finley Eros GraemeMature

dramatis personae: noun.
the characters or actors in a drama.
This is my complete catalog of characters. Or will be, once I get around to adding them all.

model: jamie dornan
story: the Hunters of Nyque

Full Name: Finley Eros Graeme
Age: 29
Species: Soul-Hunter
Appearance: 6’1, sharp features. Dark hair and sorrowful hazel eyes. Muscular but lean. Chiseled jaw-line, prominent Adams’ apple. (
Personality: Reserved and sullen. Highly intelligent and experienced. Does not beat around the bush, extremely low tolerance for bullshit. Impatient with a reckless streak.

History: Fin was born into a wealthy family. His parents died in an unfortunate vehicular accident when he was fifteen. The last three years of his juvenile life he was cared for by his ill grandmother, whose dementia began eating away at her as he turned eighteen. Unbeknownst to him, she squirrels away an enormous portion of the family wealth in an overseas account. On the day of his eighteenth birthday, access to the family account is granted to him and he spends it freely - on wild experimental tests to cure dementia.

Rapidly running out of financial backing by the time he turns twenty, with his grandmother’s passing looming on the horizon, Fin’s reckless streak makes itself a prominent personality trait. He begins gambling almost obsessively, desperate to gain enough money to continue funding the scientific trials.

He turns twenty-one as the last of the money is gone and his grandmother sinks into her illness with no signs of returning. It is this point in his life that changes everything - he makes the decision to visit [SOMETHING INC], a company that claims the ability to change the course of your life.

He signs up for one of the high-risk high-reward departments. He is given a choice of options, none of which given with a large amount of explanation. No one mentioned that there would be no going back, that he could never hope to live a normal life again.

The End

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