Why we do what we doMature

Wonderment has failed me

This was meant to last on and on

To heal me completely

But I see now I’ve done it again…

Made this into way too much

And I just can’t take back what I gave freely

The cost is mine to bare

The day is mine to solider on




Why do we

Do what we do

And do it over and over again

I can’t seem to break the habit

It’s not enough just to bend it

The consequences are still the same


Do I

Not do what I do

I'll do what I can

 I just can’t seem to stop longing

All I want to do is set these butterflies free.


It wasn’t fair

I should of warned you

I could never just let go

It doesn’t matter what is meant to be

My heart was invested in this

I know I should take what’s left move on

But I know moving on just isn’t enough

I don’t know where to begin




I’m not trapped in the past

I’m lost in a dreamworld

Will I ever be able to function in this world?

I heard the legend of the modern woman

One who lays them then leaves them

I just can’t seem to be like her

Not even for a second

It would be a gift to some how become a little indifferent



The End

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