Clothing on the floorMature

In a life of been there done that

You’re a breath of fresh air

You aren’t packed like the other ones

You don’t care

You are a revolution

It’s so strange

Your not what I’m use to

I don’t understand

Why is it so easy to leave my clothes on your bedroom floor?


What better to do in a recession?

Do what cavemen do…

Make fire

Let’s give into those basic needs

You say

But it’s not the right answer

Why is it so easy this time to just let it all rest on your bedroom floor?


I had a type and your not it

I had set rules and regulations

But I broke them

One by One

Not for a loss of pride

An insight

Somethings are worth the sacrifice ,the waste or wear


So I toss my clothes on your bedroom floor

And hop into bed

If I kiss you deeper tonight, it’s because I’m sure know

If you kiss me just as boldly I’ll know you feel the same

If promises were wings we could fly and not worry about them melting

They could call us careless, like it was a bad thing

But we could just shrug our shoulders

That would be good

The End

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