Down 5Mature

Look what your lovings done to me
Made me breakable
so god damn needy
Look at me I'm on my knees
Begging for half a heart
And a full lie
Like it would be alright,
Alright just to make believe

You are not bird on a string
I’m not the rope that binds you
You are free to fly
And you’ve shown that right
Took flight
And I’m down
On the floor

Knowing and feeling are two different things
Put your knowledge to the test
You say you know this isn’t meant to be
I know you ‘re wrong
You’re the only one I could turn to
The voice in my head
That kind of thing only comes around once


So, you made your clean break
Left me nothing to hang on to
But you can’t stop my thoughts
Or change them
The only thing that’s changed is you
Instead of my love
You’re my starlight wish
My endless longing
It is what it is


They’ll be another answering message that goes on for too long
Just one more
Then maybe this will hit rock bottom
How low can my desperation go?
I wonder too.
It’s my first time losing love
Losing Infatuation never hit so hard
It only knocked your balance
But I’m down
On the floor
And I just don’t want to get up
The End

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