Don't heave it away

 You are clear water running through and through

Takes all that grime with it

What’s left to fill those holes?

Will the water turn to ice when life gets cold?

What do I owe you?



Loneliness is nothing

The worst is knowing love

Feeling love then having wrenched away

And it’s never just taken away

It’s torn, yanked, heaved away

I don’t want promises just tell me yes or no

Truly are you the type of man that falls in and out of love, faster than the seasons change

Cause I can’t have that, again


I’m tempted


But I know better know

Know not to throw myself in to it

And maybe you’re the one that pays

But it’s the only way for me

I need safety

I need to take before I give




Love is never having to ask am I safe?

Well Am I?

Let me be clear

I don’t want to be in that mind space again

Feeling so desolate

Like there really is no light at the end of that tunnel it just goes on and on…

If you’re going to love me

Let the love overtake ever other thing



The End

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