Dark Green StareMature

My poor heart. It's been subject to batterings of emotion from my head all day, since the party last night.. 

I feel so confused, I really do. Am I really as broken as all that? That a kiss will terrify me? Clearly, it does. But hers doesn't. I trust her, she's my best friend, it's not romantic, its platonic. I can handle platonic. I just can't do it once its romantic, once I can break someone's heart.  It sounds so odd. I'm a straight girl, yet as soon as one guy tries to kiss me, I bolt.  I don't see him like that, and so, I duck out of a purely innocent kiss. What?! Nothing's meant by it, and yet, I can't. I can't, for fear of breaking his heart any more than I already have. I'm trying to stop being such a tart. A unfeeling tart, huzzah. 

Flagrantly, I'm just a very screwed up girl.   I find myself screaming at my heart, telling it to stop being such a wallflower, and actually exert itself for once.  Everyone else can control their heart. She has him-no matter what happens, he's always there. Damnit, heart, why can't you be like that? Love someone? 

The End

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