dont ever let her go

i wont this after listening to same genes by eliza doolittle,shes amazing and inspried me with this song :)

so tell
tell me how her lips feel
does it feel real to you
when you hold her
can you feel her heartbeat
do you feel dizzy
when you feel it
cause i cant help but stop and stare
when i see
that smile in your eyes
do you feel as if in your paradise
when she looks into
your sea couloured eyes

do you love her
do you want to kiss her
in the rain
when you feeling down
and in pain
do you like her
do you really want her
in your head
all of the time
if so
dont ever let her go

verse 2-
when you hold her
does it make you understand
how much she might love you
does she bite her lip
and take silly small sips
of her tea
when you make her laugh
does she push away 
and then gently say
im sorry i didnt mean that
do does she ?
does she make you fall off your chair
with just one flick of her long hair
does she make you cry
with that silly song
she wrote just for you

verse 3-
can you feel it
can you feel it happening
all of those things
you never knew
you could feel
does she like you
or doesent she
its a mystery
that you cant slove yet
so just ask yourself


The End

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