Does It Ever End

Does it ever end, this eternal graveyard of walking corpses?

I walk and see, I walk and stare, tombstones here, but you’re not there.

I feel a cool breeze brush upon my cheek, I lean in for a little peek.

A shadow of sorrow befriends me.

I feel it within me, my heart beating slow, my eyes dry like the desert.

The thought of you lingers in my mind…the memories, the laughter, the tears and sorrow.

I feel a ray of sun, a brush upon my shoulder, comforting me, whispering in my ears,

“It will all be fine.”

I find comfort in my sorrow, that I know there is a tomorrow.

I rise up slowly, my head held high,

Look up to the sky, and wave to you good-bye.



The End

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