Secrets- TrustMature

(enter JULIE and KATIE, both go and sit on the floor downstage center talking, JULIE fidgets) 

JULIE: (pauses for a moment before speaking, seeming to teeter on the edge of speech)   Katie I need to tell you something,  but you have to promise not to tell ok? It's a secret. 

KATIE:  I promise I won't tell. I would never tell any of your secrets, you know that. 

JULIE: (pause again) Ok, well remember how last week my cat scratched my arm? 

KATIE: (interrupts her) I thought you said you got snagged on a rose bush? 

JULIE: (cutting her off) It doesn't matter, none of it was true. (beat) I did that to myself. 

KATIE: (nods with understanding and pauses) I could tell

JULIE: (looks up) You could? 

KATIE:  (nods) Of course I could, gut feeling you know

JULIE: (slightly pleadingly, anxiously)  Promise you won't tell? 

KATIE: Why would I? It's only a few small scratches, and I promised I wouldn't tell (trails off slightly and starts to look anxious)....there are only those few right? 

JULIE: (slightly more anxiously) ...No (pauses and takes off sweater, revealing angry red lines on her forearms and wrists)

KATIE: (reaches forward and covers them) Oh dear, I'm so sorry

JULIE: (looks down) It's ok, it's not too bad, it could be a lot worse. 

KATIE:  (shakes head) I'm still sorry that you're going through this

JULIE: It's ok.... (looks up) still promise you won't tell? 

KATIE: (beat) Of course I won't tell

(MOTHER walks in and waves to JULIE from edge of stage) 

JULIE: (hastily pulls on sweater) Oh, sorry I've gotta go, talk to you later ok? Thanks for everything (hugs KATIE quickly and then exits)

KATIE:  Secrets... why are they so hard? (pause and stands up) What do I do? (fumbles with sleeves) 

(door opens and KATIE rolls down her sleeves quickly, enter FATHER)

FATHER: Katie, I need to talk to you about you're friend JULIE, her mom called me and she's really worried about her. Can you tell me if somethings going on please? 

(JULIE pauses and contemplates decision) 

FATHER: Katie? 

(end scene) 

The End

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