Docudrama: Secrets Scene: originMature

This is a part of a docudrama I'm working on with a group at school, although the script will initially be written by me, there will be five others editing and working on the scene as well.
I want to post it from the beginning of the process because I want to see how it evolves, changes, and morphs into a part of our one act play.
This scene is only one of the scenes in this, there will be five to seven in total, all centering around the theme of SECRETS.
As each perso

(Beginning plot: Friend tells Friend that they are cutting themselves, friend gets anxious and contemplates telling, while weighing the consiquences. The friend later reveils that they themself are are cutting, so this makes their decision more difficult to make because of her experiences.)

JULIE:  Katie I need to tell you something,  but you have to promise not to tell ok? It's a secret. 

KATIE:  I promise I won't tell. I would never tell any of your secrets, you know that. 

JULIE: ok, well remember how last week my cat scratched my arm? 

KATIE: I thought you said you got scraped on your sisters rose bush? 

JULIE: It doesn't matter, none of it was true. I did that to myself. 

KATIE: (nods with understanding) I could tell

JULIE: You could? 

KATIE: Of course I could, gut feeling you know

JULIE: Promise you won't tell? 

KATIE: Why would I? It's only a few small scratches, and I promised I wouldn't tell....there are only those few right? (pauses and rolls up sleeves, revealing angry red lines on her forearms and wrists)

KATIE: (reaches forward and covers them) Oh dear, I'm so sorry

JULIE: It's ok, it's not too bad, it could be a lot worse. 

KATIE: I'm still sorry that you're going through this

JULIE: it's ok....still promise you won't tell? 

KATIE: (beat) of course I won't tell

(MOTHER walks in and waves to JULIE from edge of stage) 

JULIE: Oh, sorry I've gotta go, talk to yo later ok? Thanks for everything (hugs KATIE quickly and then exits)

KATIE: (sits down) what do I do? I promised I'd keep her secret, but what if she hurts herself badly? (fumbles with sleeves) 

KATIE:  Secrets... why are they so hard? I keep my secret to myself but if I did confide in somebody, I would never want anybody to tell, especially if they told after they'd promised to keep it a secret.

(door opens and KATIE rolls down her sleeves quickly, enter FATHER)

FATHER: Katie, I need to talk to you about you're friend JULIE, her mom called me and she's really worried about her. Can you tell me if somethings going on please? 

(JULIE pauses and contemplates decision) 

FATHER: Katie? 

(end scene) 

The End

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