JIMMY: Nope. I’ll just run around and play Superman and ignore her.

 Jimmy jumps up and runs around the room, ending up stage left. SARAH enters, Jimmy suddenly stops running and stares at her, as if hypnotized. Nurse enters behind Sarah. Sarah, like the boys, is an adult who has regressed to childhood. She has a girl next-door appearance and is a quiet, confident attitude

NURSE: This is Sarah. That’s Benjamin, and this is Jimmy.


SARAH: Hi Benjamin.

NURSE: Play nicely, you three.

Nurse exits. Sarah walks over and sits next to Benjamin

BENJAMIN: How old are you?

SARAH: Ten. You?



SARAH: What do you want to be when you grow up?

BENJAMIN: Doctor. You?


BENJAMIN: I don’t like dogs.

SARAH: I love dogs! They bark and roll over and I can tickle them.

BENJAMIN: They scare me.

SARAH: Do cats scare you?

BENJAMIN: No, I love cats.

SARAH: Me too. You look like a cat.


SARAH: I’m not being mean. Cats are nice.


BENJAMIN: Before you came in, I guessed what your name was going to be.

SARAH: What did you think my name was?

BENJAMIN: Sarah. I was right.

SARAH: (Impressed) Wow. That’s psychic.

BENJAMIN: Psychic?

SARAH: Like - you can read minds and stuff.

JIMMY: (Snapping out of his hypnotized state) He cant read minds, he’s not psychic. I can, I’m superman!

Jimmy runs over and sits beside Sarah, so that she is in between the boys

SARAH: You can read minds?

JIMMY: Yeah.

SARAH: Okay. What am I thinking?

JIMMY: (Pretending to mind-read) About smelly flowers and silly pink things.

SARAH: Wrong! I was thinking about nothing! Tricked you.

JIMMY: You smell.

SARAH: No I don’t.

JIMMY: Yeah you do. Doesn’t she, Benjamin?

BENJAMIN: No, she doesn’t.

SARAH: Don’t be mean. (Pause) How old are you?


SARAH: Have you ever had a girlfriend?

JIMMY: Ew! Gross! I’m never going to have a girlfriend.

SARAH: You have to one day.

JIMMY: No I don’t. I’m superman. Superman doesn’t have girlfriends.

(Jimmy jumps up and runs around the room)

SARAH: (Turning to Benjamin) Where do you come from?

BENJAMIN: I don’t know.

SARAH: Do you live here?

BENJAMIN: No. I only came here today.

Nurse enters

NURSE: Benjamin, Jimmy, dinner time. Go downstairs and wash your hands.

(Benjamin and Jimmy exit. Nurse walks across and sits next to Sarah.)

NURSE (cont’d): So, what do you think?                                 

SARAH: I think I should play with them some more after dinner. (Switching to an adult voice) Meantime, I’m starving. Shall we eat?

NURSE: If the doctor orders?

SARAH: I do.

Nurse and Sarah exit. Blackout.

The End

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