Doctors and Supermen

A short play for about 10 actors.
Designed for devising. Merely an outline!


As the audience enters the theatre, JIMMY, a fully grown man of charming boyish appearance but a six year old in manner is in the bar/foyer playing with a toy aeroplane or car. He doesn’t need to attract too much attention from the audience, but as they come near him he can react to them by protecting his car or asking “Who are you?” and “What’s your name?” as if the foyer is his room.


When most of the audience is seated, he walks through them to the stage, climbs up onto it, sits at the centre, and continues to play. The stage is bare and consists of a couple of single beds stage right, with the only entrance is stage left. NURSE (Joanne), off stage, is a middle aged, well spoken woman.

JIMMY: Neeooowww! Whoosh!

He continues to wave around, but makes no sound, as if in deep thought. With his free hand he rubs his ear. Suddenly, he flings the toy into the air.

JIMMY: Aaaah! Heeelp! Aaaaah! (The toy lands) Crash!

NURSE: Jimmy! What was that noise?

JIMMY: Nothing!

NURSE: (Pauses, then) Please play more quietly.

JIMMY: Yes nurse!

NURSE: Thank you, Jimmy.

JIMMY: (Quietly, upset) Sorry, nurse...

He gets up and wanders aimlessly over to the bed. He sits on the floor in front of it. He stares upwards for a while, and then suddenly, he jumps up.                                         


He runs around the room full circle, when he is back to where he started a knock sounds. He stops running and stands stage right.


 BENJAMIN walks on and stands stage left. He is also an adult, but is slightly younger and more approachable in appearance than Jimmy.

 Benjamin, like Jimmy, is a man regressed to his childhood. Unlike Jimmy, he is quiet and introverted, but seems more intelligent.

JIMMY: Who are you?                

BENJAMIN: Benjamin.

The boys stand, staring at each other across the stage.                                              

            What’s your name?

JIMMY: Superman!

BENJAMIN: (Almost believing) Really?

JIMMY: (Laughs) No, silly.


BENJAMIN: What’s your real name?

JIMMY: J... Peter.

BENJAMIN: Hello Peter.

JIMMY: Hello Benjamin.


BENJAMIN: How old are you?

JIMMY: (Sits, saddened) The doctor says I’m six.                                     

BENJAMIN: (Also sitting) He said I was eight.

JIMMY: But he’s wrong. Mummy says I’m thirty-five.

BENJAMIN: You look old.

JIMMY: (Offended) So do you.

BENJAMIN: You don’t look six.

JIMMY: I am six!


    Why are you here?

BENJAMIN: The doctor told me I have to stay here for a while.

JIMMY: Mummy’s always leaving me here.

BENJAMIN: I don’t have a Mummy.

JIMMY: Liar! Everyone has a Mummy.

BENJAMIN: No they don’t! Pause I don’t.

JIMMY: Do you have a Daddy?

BENJAMIN: No. I don't have a Mummy or Daddy.


BENJAMIN: I don’t know why. I just don’t.

JIMMY: That's stupid.

BENJAMIN: It not stupid!

JIMMY: You’re stupid!


 JIMMY: Are too!

Nurse enters

NURSE: I hope you boys are getting along nicely.

JIMMY: Yes nurse.

NURSE: Jimmy, this is Benjamin. Benjamin, this is Jimmy. Benjamin will be here for a while, so be nice to him, Jimmy.

 BENJAMIN: (To Jimmy) You’re a liar!

 NURSE: Benjamin!

 BENJAMIN: He lied to me! He told me he was called Peter!

 NURSE: Why did you do that?

 JIMMY: Because he’s stupid.

 NURSE: Jimmy! Don’t be mean to Benjamin!

 JIMMY: He’s silly. He doesn’t have a mummy.

 BENJAMIN: I’m not silly, tell him!

 NURSE: Jimmy, that’s horrible. Be nice! You’re going to have another friend with you today, I want you to be nice to her, Jimmy.

 JIMMY: (With disgust) Her?

 NURSE: Yes, it’s a girl. I’ll go and fetch her, play nicely in the meantime.

Nurse exits

 JIMMY: Girls are horrible.

 BENJAMIN: No they’re not! Girls are nice.

 JIMMY: They smell.

 BENJAMIN: Your Mummy’s a girl.

 JIMMY: No she’s not.

 BENJAMIN: She is too.

 JIMMY: How do you know? You don’t have a Mummy.

 BENJAMIN: Everybody knows Mummies are girls.

 JIMMY: My Mummy's different.


BENJAMIN: What do you think she’s called?


BENJAMIN: The girl.

JIMMY: Don’t care.

BENJAMIN: I think she’s called Bethany. I like Bethany. Or Sarah.

JIMMY: I hate Bethany. I hate Sarah too.

BENJAMIN: I can’t wait to meet her.

JIMMY: I can. I’m just gonna ignore her the whole time.

BENJAMIN:  I think you should speak to her.

JIMMY: Nope. I’ll just run around and play Superman and ignore her.


The End

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