Scene 2

(inside the Tardis, girl is looking even more shocked)

D: So if we turn this up and coordinate it right I can make that lot...(screen in tardis shows roboform santa's dissolve) No no no!

A: What's happened?

D: They teleported!

A: Where?

D: Probably back to their leader to tell them I'm here!

A: How do you know they have a leader?

D: Those Roboform Santas are pilot fish.

A: Pilot fish?

D: They're remote control, someone's got to be controlling them, which means something bigger is on its way. (looks at girl who's still in shock) Where do you want to start? That fact that its bigger on the inside? That's where most people start.

Girl: You can't're not the real doctor.

D: The one and only. Have we met before?

Girl: I can't believe I'm standing in the original TARDIS, talking to the real doctor!

D: What do you mean the original TARDIS? And what do you mean real doctor? Who are you?

Girl: I'm Sarah Jane.

D: (looks shocked) What?

SJ: I was named after a woman called Sarah Jane Smith. My mum used to talk so fondly of you and of her!

D: (still shocked) Your mother? who's your mother?

SJ: Rose Tyler. And my father was also called the Doctor.


A: Doctor? How can there be another Doctor? Who's Rose?

SJ: You mean you haven't told her about Rose?

D: How did you get here?

SJ: what?

D: How did you get to this universe? I made it impossible to go from one parrallel universe to another!

SJ: (suddenly looking sad) There was a war. Another time war. My universe, my world was destroyed.

A: How could there have been another time war?

D: How did you survive?

SJ: My parents were fighting. I wanted to fight too. I wanted to help fight against the daleks but my mum wouldn't let me. She wanted me to be safe so she sent me to the TARDIS and told me it would take me home. My dad had taught me a bit about how to drive it but I didn't know enough. My mum gave me instructions. But these weren't instructions to drive the TARDIS. They were instructions to make the TARDIS destroy the universe and every living creature in it. It created a delta wave and destroyed everything. I didn't realise what my mum had made me do before it was too late and the TARDIS was blown into the vortex where it started to drive itself. It tried to get into this universe but you'd made that impossible. The breach was closed by you a few years ago and the TARDIS started to break up. And...the doors opened and I felt this force coming from inside the TARDIS push me out the doors.....everything went black and I woke up on the ground on this Earth.

(There's a long pause)

D: I'm sorry.

A: (slightly annoyed) Are either of you going to answer any of my questions?

SJ: What questions?

A: How can there have been another Doctor and who on Earth is Rose Tyler.

SJ: Do you want to explain or shall I?

D: (whilest scanning her with sonic screwdriver) You can.

SJ: (speaking quite quickly) Basically Rose used to travel with him (points at D) before he regenerated to look like that. Soon after he regenerated to look like the man he was before that, his hand got cut off by a Sycorax but he had enough regeneration energy to grow another one.  The Daleks and Cybermen came from the void into this universe which shouldn't have been possible, there was a breach in the middle of the universes which they were coming from. Rose's dad died when she was little but the parrallel one was still alive and had this button which allowed someone to hop from one universe to another through the breach. They sent all the Cybermen and Daleks back into the void but Rose let go of the leaver and nearly fell in there too but her parrallel dad caught her and took her to the parrallel universe, as all the Cybermen and Daleks had gone back into the void by then, the breach closed. A couple a years later he was travelling with a woman called Donna. The Daleks returned and stole the Earth, allowing people from the parrallel universe to return, so Rose came back. Captain Jack was a guy who works for Torchwood and found the hand the Doctor lost and used to to track him down. As the Doctor and Rose were about to get reunited, a Dalek exterminated the Doctor so he was about to regenerate but put all the regeneration energy into his hand that Jack had. Donna then touched the hand and out of the hand grew another Doctor but mixed with human DNA, so he had the looks and mind of the Doctor but only one heart so he was human. Anyway, after the Daleks were defeated again, this doctor returned Rose to her parrallel world but left her with the human Doctor and a chunk of TARDIS, so they could grow their own and grow old together coz they were in love. And a few years later they had me.

A: I think I got all that....If he only left them together 2 years ago how come your not a toddler?

SJ: The TARDIS must've thrown me into this time period, I have actually been a person for 17 years now but the TARDIS threw me back in time to a couple of months before now.

D: But you're human.

SJ: parents made sure they were....weren't travelling through the void when they....when...I started life....

A: Why? what would've happened if they had?

D: If a baby is...created while travelling through the becomes timelord.

A: How do you know?

D: (gives meaningful look to Amy) Because it's happened before...

A: (looks confused and is about to speak when the TARDIS jolts)

SJ: What's happening?

D:(goes to screen and sees that the TARDIS is being teleported by something) Well put it this way...we're about to find out who was controlling those Santa's!


The End

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