Doctor Who

The Doctor and Amy are just having a relaxing wander around on Earth when a girl runs past, who the Doctor recognizes but can't tell where he's seen her before...

This isn't what me and my friend Hannah were going to make, that's a spoof! This is an idea I had for a possible actual episode!

(The Doctor and Amy are wandering along a path on a random street on Earth in England close to christmas)

D:(mid-joke)....and then the Slitheen said...

A:...this isn't Rasocoricaphalipatorias! (both burst out laughing)

D: So where do you want to go after this?

A: hmm, maybe somewhe- (gets cut off by girl running at them shouting)

Girl: Get out the way! (pushes past D and A) I said move!!!

(The shot goes into slow motion as D catches ey contact with Girl while music from David Tennant's series plays Rose's lullaby music or whatever it's called)

A:(back in normal time) Doctor? Are you ok?

D: Yes...who was she?

A: I don't know but she was rude! (looks at where she was running from and looks worried) Um...but maybe we should be more worried about what she was running from?

D: (looks where A is looking and sees Roboform Santas) Ok lets run! (they start running after the girl)

(they run but then get tackled into a hiding place by the girl)

Girl: What the hell are you doing???

A: Isn't it obvious? There are robot Santas with trumpets for guns!

Girl: They're running after me not you!

D: Why are they running after you? Who are you?

Girl: Who I am doesn't matter! You two have to get out of here! If they catch you with me, they'll kill all three of us!

D: I've dealt with Roboform Santas before!

Girl: How do you know what they are?

(D looks reluctant to tell her and is about to say John Smith but A interupts)

A: He's the Doctor! I'm Amy, we meet all sorts of robots and aliens we're used to them by now!

Girl: (looks shocked) You're lying!

(before anyone can say anything else the Roboform Santas find them so they start running)

D: This way! (he leads them to the TARDIS, the girl looks even more shocked and somehow scared by it and stops)

A: Come on! They're coming! (grabs girls arm and pulls her into the TARDIS)


The End

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