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If you need an editor, this is the place to go to! Just post your work and it'll be edited and provided feedback.

 I LOVE editing. It's always great to look over my work, see the mistakes, and perfect it even more. And I love editing for others, too. So if you're looking for someone to edit for you, your search is over! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Jump to the last page, and add a new one. Make sure your title is like this: Submit: Title by Username. You can either post your draft or link it.
  2. If I have already edited your story, and you want to run it through me again, use Resubmit: Title by Username
  3. Provide information on your story! A brief character sheet or a summary of the plot would really help. If you don't have these, that's fine! But it would be a huge help to your story, if you write one out.
  4. After I edit & critique your story, I'll post it as Edit: Title by Username

I'm also able to edit through Google Docs, so if you have a draft there, you can just share it to me or send a link.

Some other stuff:

  1. Please try to edit your punctuation and spelling first. Just run it through a word doc or some other program that can check these things. It's a simple task that can save a lot of time for me.
  2. You WILL get feedback, both positive and negative. Please take into mind that I'm trying to help you and please try not to get offended. I understand that when you start writing you can get really defensive of your work, but feedback is the best way for you to improve.
  3. There's probably gonna be lots of changes, so I'll bold the parts I change and strikethrough the parts that I think should be removed. There's also gonna be lots of notes here and there. [They will be in this format when you get your edit.] I'm also gonna write lots feedback at the end too.
  4. If you can, please acknowledge me as your editor. It would really be appreciated!
  5. Also, I'm completely open to helping people on their collaborative novels, so leave me a message on my profile :)

Resources you can use to improve your writing:

There's much more here:

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