(Sense)itivity 2

We create our own hell, life is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

If I awake in the morning and I am breathing, I am happy, I live another day and no matter what life does to me, presents to me, I am here, I have survived.

If I were to awake and I am not breathing - then I have something to worry about!

The Civilised World?  It is hypocrisy to call it so.  It is not civilised at all, we permit others to rule over us and to make rules that suit them not us.  We permit ourselves to live in cramped cities but will prosecute those overcrowding sheep in a lorry or chickens in a coop...

I wonder at the world around me, amazed by the creation of nature, disappointed in my neighbours, my fellow man, my masters... we have the power to create, but we destroy, we have the power to heal, but we kill, we have the power of life and we just exist...

No one NEEDS a bigger mortgage, no one NEEDS a newer car, the latest fashion.. we have become victims of our own greed and our desire to be 'noticed' and 'respected'... we create the rods for our own back and crucify ourselves on the ladder of success.

The End

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