Too many stereotypes, ideas, prejudices and proverbs are thrown out like litter; Life is cruel and harsh, survival of the fittest, the tough get going, the meek shall inherit...

nihilism is it's own enemy. Our lives pass in but a blink of histories eye. The flash of a camera. What is remembered, what is done, what is created, what is destoyed, these things count, these things matter. Without them meaning is lost, humanity is pointless and the scary aliens will be the ones watching when the world tears itself apart.

The irony is how difficult it is to be and do our best, to live up to our own hopes, dreams and expectations. Looking down on our fellow person, how oft we don't emphasize, understand, place ourselves fully in their shoes. We live in an age of staring at square and rectanglular screens - tv, pc, mobile. how much time do we spend looking into someones eyes?

It feels we are losing our social skills - evolving, when we need to devolve. time saving commodities, advert based industry, vicious circles - need money to buy stuff that is sold to make someone money so that they can buy stuff they don't need.

Working yourself into the ground to pay for a mortgage to support your child, who will work themselves into the ground to create a business for their child who will in turn work hard to demonstrate good ethos and create a huge inheritance and ariston.

Judgement is easily made but life is like Math. There is no right or wrong, only chaos when it is fully boiled down. The average person cares about people dieing, the average person is busy struggling to keep their own head and family above the poverty line, worrying about their own close to home dieing and leaving a will that's authenticity is being contested resulting in months waiting on money that is due.

The End

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