When people accept their own liabilities in life and stop expecting someone else to blame, the world will shine again and instead of flowery sentiments, the harse reality of life will be seen and understood.

The planet is based upon the basic principle of 'survival of the fittest' and that means people must die, sometimes in ways that seem cruel and unimaginable to us, but new stronger life will come from death and the world will march on.

There is nothing more horrendus than a parent outliving a son or a daughter, so when parrents screw up and are motivated by selfish actions and die, their children will become stronger and wiser and no one should mourn the stupid, the foolish, the greedy and the ignorant for we are surrounded by life and if you fail to learn the rules, life will teach you about death and not shed a tear for your passing.

We are no more than the leaves on a tree falling each autumn...

The End

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