Do we understand? I mean really understand?

HIV/AIDS,                                                                                                                       Do we really understand what it is like or do we put it at the back of our minds, what we dont know wont hurt us!

33.2 million adults and children live with it, orphaning over 12 million children. It brings these orphans nothing but destitution, an end to their schooling and stignatization by family and neighbours. 

A 70 year old women looking after 4 grandchildren, too old to cultivate food which never lasts the year.

Do we ever in our lifetime make such an unbelievable act of self-sacrifice, something that could and probably would push us over the edge. Having just enough food for ourselves then having 2 kids turn up.

Nobody imagined the unprecedented assult on these poor extended families.

Although some families just run away leaving their child relatives to fend for themselves. Leaving the siblings to turn into beggars going from house to house begging for food, formal and traditional inheritance, land ownership, health and educational policies have not kept up the pace.

A child-headed household which used to be a rarity is now  ever increasing. Some are taken in by neighbours or bed in the very few orphanages or residential facilities, for the rest it is the street these orphans call home. Forced to survive by begging and petty crime.

We need to think about what we take for granted, just be more aware of the waste we create, the food we throw away.

Be thankful that we are not in the situation of these poor and helpless children, 40% raised by their old and frail grandparents, 30% raised by their Aunties and Uncles who already probably have children.

Look around you and count your lucky stars, you are healthy, you have food, family support and Love.

The End

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