Do Not Follow

The summary, or moral is to not follow, and don't let people make the decisions for you. Be in control of yourself.

Do Not Follow

Everyone has wings, but mine are different. Everyone elses seems to streach out wide with white feathers, while mine, are silk. They reflect from the sun. They are the color bronze, and do not work as well.

While everyone seems to be a head of me, I hope they don't go out of sight. For if I can not follow them, I am lost. I feel I have no destination. I hope where they go is where I would want to go too, but instead of catching up I enjoy the view below me. When I look back up, I can not find the others.

I am lost.

I do not get worried about getting lost in clouds. I can find my way out of them. I do not go looking for them, and I do not know why. I just fly higher, and higher, and let the wind take me where it pleases, and I suddenly feel calm.

I get tired, and stop to rest on a branch on the tallest tree I can see. I turn my head to see them. Not the ones that hath lead me before, but new ones. Their wings black, and about to tare. They are ragged around the edges, and they flew very slow, yet something told me not to follow them.

I took my own path, and I couldn't find a better place to be, nor could I be happier.

The moral, of this short story is to not follow others, and don't let anyone make the decisions for you, but to be in control of yourself.    -GymnasticsA.N.L

The End

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