"Distributed.Me" is a collection of essays and stories that I'll be writing about life on the Internet, the Real World, and everywhere in between. I'm open to collaboration. Contact me at 32bpwr3@gmail.com to learn more!

I've been on the web for a long time. My life is there, my work is there. I depend on the Internet for my livelihood.

So, I've tried a lot of websites and signed up for a lot of great tools or services. Some I loved, and some didn't work out so well. The problem is that now my life, data, work, documents, photos, and information are scattered all over the Internet.

That's why I started "Distributed.Me." This is my story told within the medium where I spend the most time: on the web. Each of my entries have been simulcast (posted?) across different parts of the web. So, it's pretty hard to miss my stuff--its everywhere.

But, here is a collection of everything I'm working on concentrated into one spot. I'm pretty proud of my work so far, but please be gentle. I'll be sharing more as I think of it.

Feel free to jump in if you'd like. We are all living distributed lives thanks to the Internet, so its only fair for more of us to take advantage of this particular site to concentrate everything down into one spot.

It helps to cut down the static and insanity, in my opinion.

Share your thoughts or questions by sending me email at 32bpwr3@gmail.com, or feel free to read on.

The End

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