Since I was very young, I've wished with every fiber of my being that I would find someone like you, and we'd be friends forever. Something about having a best friend that has seen every side of you and still loves you strikes me as appealing. And for most of our childhood, our friendship was the stuff that other people could only dream of. From exploring the unfathomable depths of our vivid imaginations to taking turns rescuing each other from the cold, monstrous grip of despair, our bond was stronger than any other. I never have - and never will - regret that day so many years ago that the new kid captured my interest. You have taught me a great deal about myself and life, inspiring me with your infinite optimism and limitless confidence. We were so different, but that just made our friendship stronger. To my utter dismay, we appear now, to be growing more distant as the years go on. Remorse consumes me on many a day, when we speak, and I sense the change in our tones with one another. No longer is the enthusiasm that at one point compelled us to talk for hours on end. No longer does your face light up at my approach. I've contemplated - too many times to count - if it was something I did that made you fade out of my life. But I've realized that I cannot blame myself...nor you. I can only continue praying that, someday you will return to me.

The End

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