Dinosaurs Dinosaurs, What Do You Eat?

Want a tip on how to teach about dinosaurs? Make it interactive! Here's an idea: We studied dinosaurs and their teeth earlier this week. I stated a question to be investigated like this: I found all of these different foods, but I do not know what each of these dinosaurs eat. Can you tell me which dinosaur ate what food?
My students then wrote a hypothesis for each food item (there were four dinosaurs).

  • There will be stations for this lesson. Each station will have a description of the food that was eaten, a picture or model of that food, and a picture of the dinosaur’s tooth and jaw that ate the food. There will also be magnifying glasses for the students to use when investigating the teeth. The students will have to work together to classify/match each tooth the correct dinosaur. They will discuss the pictures and draw conclusions at each station. All of the resources are on a separate page:
    • Valociraptor
    • T-Rex
    • Stegosaurus
    •  Brachiosaurus
  • There will be a list of all 4 dinosaur choices at each station
The End

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