Stole what can not be replaced

Left me empty

And desparte to fill what is now vacant

I lived my life frantic for so long

Until I releazied the one thing you could never take

The one thing that was always mine

I’ll take it to the grave and into the next life



I will always have my dignity!

My low points add character

I am so filled with character busting and bursting out of the seams

It’s what makes me interesting

I will never again walk with my eyes averted

I will slip on my heels and tower over this world

Yes! I still have my dignity!

No one will ever take it from me!


I won’t do what you have done

Give a sneer and wrap your arm around some girl

Live life in a patchwork of beds

It works for you I guess

I won’t fault you anymore for being weak

Doing what you only no how to do

I will let it go only for my sake

Never yours



I still love you, I probably always will

But I won’t long for you

I’ll never ever need you again

I never did

You can think what you want to think

But the truth is so clear to me I can see nothing else

It’s over and it’s ended

Thank you for giving me a beginning



The End

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