Die Trying

If you give up on what you believe in, you're only letting yourself down.

*If it takes forever, I will die trying.<3

Sometimes we think that it's all right to just give up and forget the situation. But when you give up, you're only letting yourself down. Giving up means that you're letting your guard down too low, or you're permitting others to knock you down. Do you honestly want to show that you're weak and helpless, or strong and persist? When others know your weaknesses and struggles, they'll try with all of their might to power you down and shut you off. Letting the enemy/opponent win is showing them that you have no ability or potential to be successful. You can never show others that you care about what they say, think, do, or have anything to do with them. It's like high school drama, showing the other girl that you honestly took offense to what she said, posted, texted, or whatever lets her know that you are weaker than her. She will pick and pick and pick at you until she gets the satisfaction she wants. Sometimes, that's not long, but other times it could take years. Men are a little different, they get into a physical fight and then they are finished. But with girls, it's like World War II has broken lose. 

But back to the topic, showing someone you have lost all hope for yourself is showing them that you can't compete anymore. And then they will have some satisfaction knowing you are done. They will have a feeling of a true win or forfeit. Don't give them that good feeling, power against it and win!

Moral of the story, fight through and defeat. Be the winner, the top-dog, and believe in yourself.*

The End

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