So much I wish I could scream out but its like im in a library.

Im in the romance section and the drama books have been placed there by mistake. If I had a place to put this book on teenage girls it would be the action and adventure section because that's the best way to describe a day with one sometimes. Mood swings rise and lower every hour. I sit and think my only friends a dog or the stars. Then would that be bad on my family who I must say understand me, but if I was honest they do to an extent, but at least they understand my broken mess inside me where my beating heart should be. But its not broken merely torn apart and though some of it still remains most of it is in the hands of one I choose to dislike for a many tearful reasons. 

And so it makes everything harder. For whats harder than to love a being who was the worst being towards you and so you dont want them in your life anymore yet they hold your heart and each day either gets harder or easier but still doesnt change where my heart is. Who's hands it lies in. Whos hands its carelessly placed in. Guess that ones my fault in the end for falling for one I knew I shouldn't of fell for. But at the same time was it my choice? For falling for someone is clearly involuntarily surely. At least I hope so to take some stress off my heavy shoulders.

The End

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