Porn marketing (Chapter 7)Mature

Just a few days after calling it quits at the warehouse I was waiting for my gig as a translator to start. The test I made was just about some very normal dating ads. Normal people who described normal things. Boy, would that change. A lot of people warned me about doing this Job, Shawn, Ramzi and Anurag. I didn´t listen. They thought I would never get paid because I never saw the people I was working for, let alone sign something. My contact person, called Said, told me by e-mail I would have to translate a minimum of twenty-five ads first, before I got paid. He also told me some people who could write really fast made around four-thousand dollars a month doing this shit. I was stunned. Each ad would make me two dollars and fifty dollars was the minimum to get paid. To ensure I got paid I did exactly twenty-five ads, after that I waited to see if I got paid or not. Three days later I checked my PayPal account and they did pay. This was awesome. One add took me like seven or eight minutes so I could do eight an hour easily. It ment I could make like sixteen dollars an hour, which sounds way better to me than the nine dollars I made in the warehouse. the best part was, I could do it from home and work whenever I felt like it. It also struck me as odd, I mean, I never even spoke to the guy on the phone, I only communicated through e-mail with them. Then again, I did not give a fuck as long as they paid me. I bought a laptop at Best Buy, the cheapest I could find. I only had an I-pad so I needed something to type on. My only problem was that the quality of the laptop was not that good. In fact it was so shitty, that it was hard to receive the Wifi connection in my room. The router was in the kitchen of the house and when I sat down on the kitchen table the connection was alright. In my room it was not. Soon I was sitting in that kitchen the whole day to do my work. There was no problem in that, but the work made it a problem. It turned out the ads were not ´normal´ dating ads, they were more like sex dating ads. First I got like 10 pictures. I had to put them in different folders and give each folder a subject. After the pictures I had to think of a fake name for the profile and translate some dirty talk. I also had to check some boxes about sexual preferences. Those could vary from my fake made up sex maniac profiles liking 69, or dirty talk, or anal, or SM or a good gangbang or for the real crazy ones, all of it. The job was crazy, but, being the openminded person I am, I sort of liked it.

The pictures I got were all pretty hardcore. Sometimes it was just people posing naked, sometimes it was people fucking and sometimes I saw some lesbian action which ment I also had to make a lesbian profile. It was ok with me, but my housemates were pretty shocked sometimes. They tried to make their dinner in peace and there I was working with all these porn pictures. In the end it all made them laugh though. Even my landlord saw it. First he looked over his shoulder, shocked. Than I explained it to him after which he was laughing his balls off. Nobody had a problem with it. Even a couple of prudish Japanese girls that lived in there did not mind. I was glad to be getting paid. The second week I made like three-hundred dollars. The third week was even better, I earned around five-hundred dollars. It seemed like I finally caught a break after the year started out pretty unlucky. I did not have a proper party for a while. Most of the time I just had a few drinks inside of the house with Shawn. I had no choice, lacking money. That all changed now. I got paid in the warehouse and know I already got two pretty good paydays from the online porn translating job. It was time to live it up.

I went out that saturday night, alone. You red that correctly, all by myself. I do that sometimes. A lot of people seem to think it is weird to do so, but I see it different. I think it is a good way to let go from time to time. Sure, going out with a group of friends is awesome, I would not have missed all the great times I had in the past for the world. Many people can´t go alone anywhere. They think it´s strange to go to a restaurant or the movies and sit there by themselves. I totally disagree with that opinion. What I am trying to say is it can be good sometimes for people from this social media generation, used to communicating with eachother through fucking screens, to meet some people and have an actual face to face conversation. You know, like they did back in the eightees and ninetees. I like to go out alone because it puts a little pressure on me to talk with people. It´s so much easier to get to know someone that way too, what you see is what you get, unlike lots of things on the internet. For me it feels like getting dropped somewhere in the middle of the Amazon with a bunch of wild animals you´ve never seen before surrounding you. They won´t bite unless you´re trying to annoy them or step on them. The same goes for all these people in clubs and bars when you go out alone. I see a whole new window of opportunities opening up with those type of nights ahead of me. If you ask me there is no better feeling than walking into a club you have never been before, or going out in a city you have never visited before. When I do it on my own the feeling only gets better. You can hit on any girl you please without looking like a complete idiot. Talk to people you would otherwise never talk to while nobody will tell you not to. Even better, nobody will tell you what time to go home either. Somehow it gives me a feeling of complete freedom. Since there was nobody available this night anyway, I decided it was the perfect moment to have a one man party. I started pre drinking in the kitchen early. I did lots of work that week so I thought it would be the right thing to do to give myself the next day off so I could party like there was no tomorrow, as long and as hard as I wanted to. I also had a venue in mind, something big. I have heard a lot about this place. It was suppose to be one of the best clubs in the world. I also heard it was huge, with seven or eight rooms, located just off Lakeshore Boulevard, not anywhere near all the other establishments we usually preffered to go to on Adelaide or Wellington Street in the entertainment district.The building was some massive old factory or warehouse. From the outside it still looked like that. The main area was gigantic. It had a really high ceiling with thousands of spectacular lights moving through the entire area. The sound system was also pretty good. You could feel the bass going through your body with every beat that dropped. The club I am talking about is the Guvernment. I heard and red so much good stuff about the place, now it was finally time to experience it for myself. I had a few beers in the kitchen, while I was enjoying some music and tried to figure out how to get there when my housemate Miho walked in with her hot Ukrainian friend, Alexandra. I started talking to them and we shared a few drinks, funny coincidence, they were planning on hitting to Guvernment too that very night. I did not mind, we took the subway together and split up once we were inside. I had fun riding the subway with them, but thought it was a good moment for some me time inside the club. I already had a nice buzz going on when I left the subway. It was a twenty minute walk to the club from the closest subway station. The air was very cold and really clear. I had a small beer jacket on so I did not mind at all.

We entered this impressively big nightlife walhalla around 11 PM. The entrance was pretty crowded and after an extensive body search by security I finally made my way inside about twenty minutes later. It was everything all these people said it would be. The main area was massive with a big stage and spacious dancefloor. The entire club felt like one big labyrinth of different rooms, beautiful people, lights and different music in every space. I seperated myself from the girls to get some drinks. A very hot bargirl immidiately caught my eye. Well, I thought, I know where I´ll be getting my drinks tonight. We had a little chat, I joked around, she laughed and that was the end of it. To bad she was crazy busy. Maybe later, I thought. After wandering around for half an hour I had a smoke in the (also huge) smoking area. There were stairs next to the main area taking me to a very dark room with loud hip hop beats. Pretty girls in tight skirts and jeans were all around. I stayed for a while until I moved on to the next space. The music in here was a little weird. Unlike the rest of the club, this area was not crowded at all. Just a handfull of people looking bored, so I left and went for the smoking area again. The rest of the seven or eight rooms were not even open on this night and I already got lost like three times. A little later I stood at the bar for a bit, which was located on some kind of stage about a meter and a half above the dancefloor and a great spot to see what was going on out there. About an hour later I saw the girls I left with again and danced with them for a bit, as far as my dancing goes. It was the first time I noticed Miho was into me. I did not act on it that night and went on to talk with another girl I met in the hip hop area. We didn´t have much in common so the conversation got to a dead end soon.

After one more smoke I noriced it was 1:30 AM already. Good times pass by fast. I was enjoying myself a lot in this heavenly party temple. The smell of hundreds of different arousing chick colognes, the view of all these hot outfits, the great beats and flashing lights, it all made it a night that never had to end if it was up to me. Good thing the Guvernment wasn´t closing at 2 AM like most places. I did my research. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to this place so bad was that it stayed open untill really late. The only downside was, the club was not allowed to serve any alcohol after 2AM. A smart, dedicaded drinker as I am, I went to the hot bargirl around 1:45 to grabbed myself three beers at once. At least I would have something to drink for another hour, after that we will see, do not cross the bridges before you come to them. Instantly I chugged one down because walking around with three beers is very inconvinient for many reasons. The other two I drank more slowly so I could get the most out of my alcohol high. When I almost finished the last one I thought, why not stick around for a while? It was not very busy anymore, though still crowded. I noticed all the people who were left must have been pretty much on drugs. All of them walked around like a bunch of zombies with smiles on their faces. They seemed to be totally out of it, somewhere far away in their own promised land. It looked good, give me some of that, I caught myself thinking. I ended up hanging around at the same spot I was several hours ago. Next to the bar, with a nice panorama over the dancefloor. The hot bar girl probably had something to do with me wanting to stand over there again. My drunk ass body must have wanted to stay close to her, like she had some kind of magnet attracting me in my subconsciousness. I leaned over the balustrade, when something caught my eye. Like I said, the bar was like a meter and a half above the dancefloor, like a small stage or VIP area is sometimes. In the middle of it a small stairway could take you to the dancefloor. It was only five or six steps. An older Asian women, somehwere in her forties, was standing next to those stairs. It seemed like evertbody wanted something from her. I started paying close attention. She had this small purse hanging over her shoulder. Every few minutes somebody came over to her, talked with her for a while, slipped some money into her hand and then she gave them something from that purse. I had no idea what she was selling them but was pretty sure it was some good shit due to the large amount of people stopping by to get it. My drinks were almost done and I got a little bored. After looking at this scene for a while I felt like it was time for me to get myself some of it. I still had a ten dollar bill burning in my pocket to be spent on whatever this Asian cougar had in her precious purse. I had no clue if it would be enough but also thought it was worth a shot. I sneaked up on her from behind. I have to admit that I had some butterflies in my stomac while I walked down these few steps on the small stairs. When she saw me approaching, she looked at me like, what is your deal boy? The ignorant look of a hardcore drugdealer trying to stay on the low while making thousands of dollars on a night like this. I started with some small talk. ´´Hey, how are you tonight?´´ She just nodded, it was weird. I looked around me to make sure nobody was watching us and pulled the ten dollars out of my pocket. I wrapped my fist around it before handing it to her. She turned away while looking at it for a pretty damn long time. Like she was working in a bank and tried to determine whether the dough was real or not. Finally, after what must have been like thirthy seconds, but felt like half an hour to me, she reached into her purse. I held up my hand and before I knew it the deal was done. I was so excited that I completely forgot to check what she actually gave me. The area I was standing was still pretty crowded, so I walked away to a more quiet corner, slowly opening the palm of my hand. All I saw was a tiny pink pill. With the last sip of my beer I downed it.

Some might say it is not very smart to put drugs in your system after consuming liters of alcohol. I agree it is not the kind of cocktail I would usually go for. In the same time I figured why the hell not? I had developed this crazy theory for myself that it didn´t matter because I already stopped drinking. So while the alcohol was on it´s way out of my system, would it really matter to let something else get in?

Nothing happened for about half an hour. I already started to think I got ripped of. Maybe she just sold me a colourful aspirine. In that case it would have been better to save it for the next morning. I was on the verge of going home and calling it a night when it suddelny kicked in. Once again, good shit comes fast. Not even 5 minutes later I was totally out of it. I felt so warm inside, and comfortable, it was amazing. Like I was floating through space on a soft carpet while somebody was constantly tickling my balls. The hundreds of lights moving around on the ceiling felt like stars coming closer fast, after which they would slowly move away again. Almost like I could touch them. I tried to catch them a few times. No succes. Every inch of my body felt ticklish. The love was all around me, By this time all the people left in the place must have been on the same shit, making the vibe even more intense. I think I hugged about fifty people during the rest of that night. Mostly girls, probably even some dudes. It didn´t matter. I was dancing, my mind was one with the music. I loved everybody and everybody loved me right back. Unfortunatelly, everything comes to an end, so did this night of epic proportions that turned into a morning already. As the exit doors opened the bright morning light hit my face. Want to know how the hell I got home? I would love to tell that but i have no fucking idea.

The End

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