Bittersweet goodbyes (prologue)Mature

Follow me on my journey as I make the decision to trade in my dead end, boring life in a European small town and move to the most multicultural city in the world. The story occurs over a thirteen month period filled with sexual escapades, excessive drug and alcohol abuse and a string of odd jobs while I am spending money like a rockstar.
This cocktail of misbehaviour almost gets me kicked out of my house and living on the streets. When things start to really look down, I am forced to find a

As I stroll down Spadina Avenue, millions of memories and thoughts keep flying through my head. What a time this has been, what an experience, what an adventure. Right after I buy some souvenirs she asks me what I want to do next. I tell her I want to grab a bite in the McDonald´s on the corner at Queen Street. Not because I am such a fucking fan of this stupid food, I mean come on, you can get this shit anywhere you want. But because of all the crazy and idiotic memories I have in this place. Asian employees who did not understand shit, drunk people singing at me and tons of other incredibly crazy conversations. I guess it is true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun. I could have never imagined all the insanity I went through these past thirtheen months. It is just too much to think of. I am already wondering how I am going to process this. From living a boring life in a small European town, to all this craziness. I have been told they do a lot of drugs in my country, well guess what, they do a lot more in here. I knew this was going to be an adventure, but I did not know it would be the sickest, most messed up and in the same time greatest period of my entire life.

This said, I was starting to feel a little bit down. Deep down inside I knew I was going to miss this place like hell. I was already resenting the idea of getting back to my old boring ass life, maybe because I knew nothing changed over there, and nothing probably ever will change over there. The only thing there is left to do now is sit back and take a trip down memory lane. This cocktail of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, women, threesomes, gays, transsexuals, nightclubs, bars, afterhours, one night stands, job searches, struggles, friends, more alcohol, ballgames, new people and new cultures is a hell of a story, but most of all, it is the experience of a lifetime.

As I am coming out of the holy grail of the fast food world I look around and try to breath in this lovely city one more time. The sound, the traffic, the smell, the pretty girls, you all will be missed sincerely by this big fan of yours. The next few hours fly by as I have a final drink with a few people. Goodbyes are never pretty, as we ask ourselves how in the world the time passed by so fast. Before I know it I am packed, ready for bed. Off course I can not sleep all night, again, too much stuff to process. Right before that we have had amazing sex for one last time. It will be a while until the next time I am getting laid, but what the hell, I can sneak one in tomorrow morning before I go to the airport. So I did, prior to leaving the house to take the subway one last time. After that I hop onto the bus that takes me to the airport, I make a trip that is like thirty kilometers for just three bucks, isn’t that awesome? Yes it is! Once I am at Pearson Airport I feel double sadness, first of all I have to say goodbye to the love of my life, second of all I have to say goodbye to the greatest time of my life. How fucked up can you feel at one particular moment? Well, this comes pretty close to it. Right after a few tears and lots of kisses and love, me and her separate. She is totally breaking down, as am I, but I am the type to keep that to myself, I will keep almost anything inside. I can not blame her though, we had some great momentum together ovet the past few months.

I pass through customs, after that most of it is just a blur. I am in some kind of mode where I am still functioning but not really in the moment anymore. Before I know it I am back on a plane to Boringville. As it takes off I get one great look over my beloved city. The sky is clear, making the skyline look even better and more impressive. It is like she wanted to say goodbye to me too, this must be a little faith, at least that is what I tell myself. One last glimpse and there she goes. I am too far gone now. I will sincerely miss you Toronto and I know you will miss me…

The End

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