Journal #43

Dear Diary,
          100 posts, YEAH! Mercenary! *Does a party dance*

Allllrightyyy then. Loll~ Anywho, it's Saturday. Woop woop! My school week was only three days long, which was cool. I told you guys that we had Monday off, but I was online on Tuesday, so I couldn't tell you that we had that day off, too. It was awesome, getting to sleep in till 9:30 in the morning, staying up in the middle of the night to draw..

Yeah, I'm lame. Anyways! This upcoming Thursday is the first official meeting for our P.A.W. club, which I'm so excited about! A few of us are bringing music to listen to in Mr. Golby's CD player, so that we can jam while we work.

The day before Thursday is Moneymaker's birthday, so be sure to tell her Happy 15th! We're both looking forward to it― her because it's her birthday, and me because I like birthdays (and because we're both getting our own tablets). So yeah, tell her to have a happy birthday on Wednesday. It'll make her happy. :)

Cool, so there's not much else to talk about. If I remember something that I didn't mention, then I'll let you guys know. Chao for now! Haa, funny, I'm funny. Loll~ Bye! ♥


The End

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