Journal #41

Dear Diary,
          Hey, sorry for not posting an entry at all through Winter break. Things have been busy around here, lately. This is the first journal that I've written since break started and we only have one day of break left after today. ;w; I'm gonna miss the chill time, and I'll definitely miss not having a crap-load of homework, but in a way, I'm happy to go back and see my friends again. School itself isn't so bad, either.

Speaking of school, I survived my Quarter 2 grades. Most of them were A's and B's (although I did get two C's), which I was happy about. Something else to look forward to is the club that Moneymaker and I started. Our next meeting is January 16th, the day after Moneymaker's birthday. She's pumped for that. Loll~

Things are okay right now. I've had some depressed moments, but who wouldn't if they were in my shoes? It was my first Christmas season without Mom. I'm alright most of the time, but there come waves of missing her every now and then. Yesterday, I cried because I realized that it's been almost eleven months since she died. "Almost a year," I keep saying to myself. "It can't be."

When January 9th comes, I won't know where to go or who to talk to when I feel lonely. I'll probably go upstairs to my room and lay under the covers while I listen to my Ed Sheeran CD on repeat. It might sound like a pitiful thing to do, but it actually helps, in all honesty. Soothing music always makes me feel better when I'm depressed, even it it's sad music. I've been labelled as Emo to some people because of that fact, but whatever helps is whatever helps. They can say what they want and it'll never affect me.

I guess that's all for now. I put a song in the media section of this entry for you guys to listen to. Pleeeease listen to it. It's an amazing song. I've linked it to a few people on here, but I wanted to share it with all of you.

Happy 2014~!! ♥


The End

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