Journal #40

Dear Diary,
          WINTER. Ohh my goodness. It's December 2nd and we already have our tree up and decorated, along with a ton of indoor Christmas knickknacks. (<-- Did you know it was spelled that way? Wow..)

We just came back to school from having a four-day Thanksgiving weekend. What a load of fun. =.=' Anywho! Sorry I haven't posted very often. I've been tending to lean more on the Tumblr side of my internet addictions at the moment. I'd forgotten how much I adored that amazing blogging website.. *o*

Cough cough! Back to reality. I'm a little bit behind with my assignments right now, which is a really bad thing on my part, especially with Finals coming up in two and a half weeks. I have four or five missing assignments total, along with current homework (which isn't much today, thank God), and I've got about half of a month to catch up on. This may sound weird, but I'm actually looking forward to catching up. Kinda.

Speaking of catching things, Moneymaker and I just saw Catching Fire this past Saturday. Ohhh golly, I just about died. ;n; Although I own all of the books and have read them, it doesn't help to yield the shock that comes as the movie plays out. Rue brought tears to my eyes once again, as she always does. The ending made me want to stab the movie screen and scream, "Whyyy??!"

Okay, I need to stop ranting. I have some homework to do for the rest of my Study Hall time, so I'll let you go here. See you soon!


The End

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