Journal #36

Dear Diary,
          Sorry for not posting this sooner. I was gonna post a journal a few days ago, but it just didn't happen. This one is gonna have to be short too, 'cause I reeeeeally wanna get off this computer. I've been staring at it for too long. =.='

So! Things are going pretty well at school. Don't worry about that whole family drama thing— that's all taken care of now and I've already brought my Biology and English grades up. Not sure what's going on with our new club, but it seems to be coming along smoothly. I'm really excited about that. :D I have a former phone stalker who now watches me all the time in Gym, but other than that (which is kinda.. No, really creepy), things are going okay. I don't see anything to complain about.^^ We've got a Bio project this weekend, so I'm glad we have three days to work on it instead of two. Plus, our teacher's giving us class time to put it together, so yeah. (;

Again, sorry this is so short. Not the shortest, but still. I'll try to be back tomorrow to post another one, but you never know what tomorrow holds..! *Suspenseful pose* Loll~
Mmkay, see you soon!


The End

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