Journal #35

Dear Diary,
          Sorry to say, but I have a two-week hiatus starting as soon as I get off this computer. Also sorry to say that it's entirely my fault. I'll explain..

Okay, so I just found out last night that I have an 'F' in English. Last week, I had a 'C'. Makes sense, right? Ugh. I had two missing assignments in this class last week. Two. Now, all of a sudden, I have five. It's also just my luck that today is the last day of the quarter and there is absolutely no way that I can up the lost credit. Hence, the 'F'. And my dear auntie does not accept an 'F' in my quarter grade. (To be honest, I wouldn't, either.) Not the point. The point is that I got cussed at all night last night, went to bed at 9 o'clock p.m., woke up at 5:30 a.m., get no coffee, no phone, and no computer for who knows how long. I got no coffee because I didn't have time for it before school. I got no phone or computer because of last night's catastrophe. Tomorrow, Moneymaker, my aunt, my uncle, and I are having a family meeting to talk about my "lying and disrespect". My aunt is calling this a family crisis. Family. Crisis. Okay? I have a couple of appointments on Monday and she's thinking about cancelling them because of this "family crisis". Oh, man.

And it gets better! Tuesday, she's driving Moneymaker and I to Missouri to see our grandparents for five days or so. That'd be a great escape from all the drama, except for the fact that my grandma doesn't like 'F's anymore than my aunt does. Fun. =.='

So this is the end of my computer privileges for a little while, I guess. I'm not sure yet if I'll be off for a week or my whole break. Let's just assume it's all break. Alright, I suppose I have to go around and notify a few other people before I get off. Wish me luck and pray for me, por favor, mis amigos. Hasta pronto.. I hope.


The End

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