Journal #34

Dear Diary,
          Okay, in Study Hall again. Today right after school is Anime Club's Hetalia Fest. I can't waaaaait! More good news related to school is that Moneymaker and I have a two-week break after Friday. (Read: Tomorrow!) I'm really excited. This upcoming Monday, I have a Dentist appointment, then we leave on Tuesday to go to Missouri to visit our grandparents. From there, we'll drive to Branson with our grandparents. (I know that sounds like a drag, but we're fourteen. It's actually fun to act like a kid again. Making fun of us is prohibited.)

We are soooooo close to getting our club up and running! I am so happy about that, you have no idea. I'm actually in the process of multi-tasking between writing this and making a summary of our club to hand to Mr. Johnson (our principal) to see if he'll give us the "okay" on it. Biting my nails here, people! If he says it's fine, then we have an official school club. If he doesn't, then we have nothing but hopes and a piece of paper. Wish us good luck!

There really isn't much more to talk about, except how excited I am about Night Hawks and how that's progressing. But I won't go into that, for fear that I'll digress. Alright, tah-tah for now!


The End

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