Journal #33

Dear Diary,
          Heyo! Me again, here for another journal. Woop, I'm almost caught up to my number of fans again! The last time I did that was #20, when I had twenty fans. Wow, have we come a long way. That makes me really happy. The fact that people are still around to sit here and read my stuff – not just read my stuff, but love my stuff, too – is just absolutely amazing. I can't believe that I'm actually well-known on this website. Last September, I always felt like a nobody; a person drifting aimlessly. Since then, I've come to a complete turnaround. Guys, you have no idea how much I thank you for that. You are all so precious to me. There hasn't been one person on Protagonize that's been mean or disrespectful in any way, and that's amazing. I appreciate it!

Okay, so Dylon (DethnusAckearose, you're awesome, man!) got me thinking. We're staring a club at our school, but I realized that it'd also be really sweet to create a group on here that does something similar to what our club's gonna do. We've decided on our club name:

P.A.W. (Photography, Art, & Writing Club)
Pretty busy, huh? But it's so cool. :D

The Protag group, which I'm working on right now, is called the Artistic Writers Group. I'm gonna try to put it up tonight. Look for it, if you can!^^

Mmkay, I gotta go now. I'm in Study Hall (on a computer in the library) and the school day's almost over. I have to go put my stuff together so I can leave and get out to the bus quick. Bye for now!


The End

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