Journal #31

Dear Diary,
           Woo. Listening to "Wings" by Macklemore again. Before that, I listened to Suli Breaks. He's this British kid who's around 17 or 18. Mostly what he raps about is education and jobs, but everything he says is truth. He has a really modern spin to everything he does. 

Hmm, not much to talk about tonight. Oh, it is Homecoming week at school, though. It's been really fun. :D The Homecoming parade's tomorrow and I'm going to be on the Anime Club's float. everyone on our float has to either wear the Anime Club logo shirts or dress up as some kind of anime character. I'm gonna dress up as a Death the Kid fangirl. *Hehe!* I have a Kid t-shirt and I made a sign that I'm going to hold throughout the parade that says, "I ♥ KID!". Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.^^

Mmkay, I'll post more tomorrow with Journal #32. Be on the lookout for it!


The End

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