Journal #29

Dear Diary,
          I'm undoubtedly pumped today for some reason. I just feel like today is amazing. It's like I can feel the world's potential to be something better, happier. That's the sensation that runs through me right now. And there's a song that makes that feeling even stronger. That's why I've taken the liberty to link another song to today's journal. I just have this sense that today is so perfect.. It's almost too much to stand. I got new shoes a few days ago and I just put them on for the first time. They're black DC Shoe Company high-tops with rainbow laces. I love them. I feel great in my faded blue jeans and Beavershark  t-shirt. Aaaaaand, I just got a new fan! Thanks go out to GalacticNebula, along with everyone else who's ever fanned me. I appreciate it, you guys! Alrighty, I gotta go. Sorry this entry was so short. Byee!


The End

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