Journal #28! ◕◡◕ ♫ ♪

Dear Diary,
           Yup. Decided to change it up this time. Plus, I ♥ symbols! Loll, just kidding. I do think they're cool, though. I've been listening to Macklemore all afternoon. "Thrift Shop" isn't his best song by far. Don't get me wrong, I like that song. It gets me up and moving and makes me laugh, but I meant that it's not his best moral-wise. If you're reading this, I strongly encourage you to check out other Macklemore songs, like "Same Love", "Otherside", and "Wings". If these songs hit mainstream, they could potentially have the power to change the world. I left an interview at the right of this entry. Please watch it, even if it doesn't really interest you! Believe me, I don't have bad taste in music. But the only way to find out is if you trust me and just go with it.

Moneymaker and I are okay again. I wrote the last journal entry that afternoon at around 3:00 p.m. and we had already made up by 5:00 the same day. We rode our bikes to the park together and talked about a lot of stuff. To be honest, that was something I missed. Being able to just sit and have an actual in-depth conversation with someone. I hadn't done that in a long time.

So anywho! I just wanted to stop by and check in with you guys. Hope things are good with everyone. I wish you all to have health, love, music, and happiness.


                P.S.- Don't forget to watch the interview!

The End

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