Journal #27

Dear Diary,
          I'm a little frustrated today. And feeling a little guilty. Moneymaker and I haven't spoken a word to each other today, literally, and it's mostly my fault. I got on her nerves really bad last night by accident. To her, I guess I'm just trying to dominate her and be controlling, which is never my intention. While she was washing dishes yesterday, I was standing behind her, "bugging her," because I thought I was going to rinse the dishes. She decided to rinse them instead, so that left me with nothing to do. Both computers in our house were occupied, so I tried to find something to do. Unsuccessfully. So I ended up annoying both her and my aunt Sally. Then later that night, Moneymaker was on her Protagonize, trying to find a way to type words in cursive (because Protag doesn't allow you to change fonts). I knew the only way to do that was to Google 'how to make cursive letters on a keyboard', or something along those lines. She didn't get it though. Moneymaker didn't want to learn how to type them herself, she just wanted to copy and paste the word "yourself". I tried to tell her that the odds of somebody typing something -- especially a very certain word -- with those cursive letters and putting it on the internet for her to copy and paste were slim to none. That's one of the reasons she got aggravated.

The worse part about it is the fact that what I just told you above isn't even half of it.

The worst part? It's been almost 24 hours since it happened and we still haven't talked to each other. Not a single word. The cold truth of it all is that we're both to blame. But neither of us are willing to admit it.


The End

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