Journal #25

Dear Diary,
So it's decided. We had a casual hearing in the middle of June, which led to a move-up in the date of the actual trial/hearing thingy. On July 9th, we went to court for a second time and it was immediately ordered that my uncle and step-aunt were appointed as legal guardians. Thank you to everyone who hoped and prayed for me. And thank God for giving that judge enough common sense to see what was what and to see right and wrong. Ahhh, I am sooo RELIEVED~!! I can't get enough of this freedom. Freedom from fear and paranoia. Freedom of fear from the fact that they know our address. I'm so glad it's not a problem. In fact, it isn't even a possibility anymore. Still though, there's just one kink left. A kink that could potentially become many major issues regarding the peacefulness of my life.

He was awarded visitation rights.

Thing is, it was kinda my fault. I mean, he was already awarded it by the time our lawyer pulled us into a private room to discuss it, but I was the one who confirmed that I wanted him to have limited/supervised visitation. But it wasn't because I really wanted to see him. Because I don't. But there are questions that I have that can't be answered over the phone. Chad doesn't have a real phone of hiw own, anyway. So I agreed to it. Tell me, if put in my place, what would you have done?

Only a few things remain before the visitation can proceed: First of all, he has been ordered by the court to pay for mediation. Mediation is basically a fancy way of saying I have to talk to this psyhcologist named Dr. Hutchinson for me to have meetings with and talk to about Chad. It's just another way of saying that they want Chad to pay for a man to pick my brain and see what makes me tick. And then we can go on to visitation. It'll go in a six-month process. Our lawyer said that it'll probably start as something really limited, like maybe half an hour or an hour at McDonald's. Then after the six months, there'll be a review hearing. In court on July 9th, we overheard Chad's lawyer saying, "If it goes well in a year, then we'll re-file for custody."

In that case, I don't intend to make it easy. Chad's given me fourteen years to create wrenches of hate and anger and frustration. And now I'm gonna hold onto those wrenches tight. When he gets visitation, I will ask my questions. And, if all goes well, he will give me a plausible explaination. But, if all doesn't go well, and he tries to blame it on my grandma or my aunt or my uncle or my mother....

Well, let's just say, that's where I throw those wrenches into his plans.


The End

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