Journal #24

Dear Diary,
          WHOOOOOAA~!! Been a while since I did one of these. It's been about a month since I was even seriously on Protagonize. Right now, I'm in the process of catching all my collabs up to date, especially Night Hawks. I'm super excited about that one. In fact, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone on that story, including Charlotte, the brains of the operation, Dylon, the amazing lion lover, and Linda, that awesome/crazy gal, and so many more! We've got a lot of people in that collaboration, and every single one of them are great authors. Kudos to you all for making this such a cool experience! In other news, I seem to have found myself in a custody battle that never would've even happened if my mom hadn't died. Ughh, you have no idea how complicated it is. I'll try to explain it as best I can:

I've never met my biological father (he is NOT my dad) in person. He hasn't even seen me since I was a year old. The only time he ever tried to get in contact with me & Mom was when I was about 8 or 9 years old,, by sending us a few letters. He's lived in Missouri for fourteen years.

But we didn't find out until May that he's been up here since March. And once again, he didn't make any effort of getting in contact with us. My aunt Christy (his sister) told me she was going to come to Mom's memorial, but never did. In fact, nobody from that side of the family came. My aunt Sally had been talking to Christy over Faebook, so Christy had aunt Sally's number. When Chad (father's name is Chad) came up hee & got a job, Christy gave him my aunt Sally's number. Keep in mind that I've never talked to him or seen him or heard from him in fourteen years. He just called out of the blue one day last month.
A lot has happened since then,, but long story short,, he wants custody. Problem is, I don't even know him & he's got a criminal record that could stretch a mile long. He's had 28 arrests in the last 10 years & his most recent one was December of 2012. So he knows he can't get custody of me, so he wants Christy to have custody. Problem with her is that she got angry at me & my family last month & called me one night just to cuss me out for 15 whole minutes & send me 9 text messages with the same thing. On top of that, she used to be an alcoholic.

Our court date is set for July 25th.

So there it is, plain as I can make it. For the next month or so,, please wish me luck and pray for me. I'll try to keep you updated on what he does next. Until then, I bid you farewell. ♥


The End

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