Journal #23

Dear Diary,
          Lemme get something straight. I proofread Friday's post just now and it seems in that entry that I feel happy because of the thing with Cheyanne. Well, if it looks like that, then sorry for the miscommunication. I wasn't happy because of that, it was because of the no-homework thing. Mmkay? Again, sorry for not clarifying. Ah, changing the subject! I'm still shaking sand out of my hair (literally) because we went to the park today and little kids started throwing sand around.. Ugh, I have to take two showers in one day. A waste of water, if you ask me. But if it's for the sake of my hair, then so be it! *Confident Hero Face* XD But anywho. Not much drama this weekend, luckily. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if everybody started pulling me into their fights and battles again. To be honest, it's kinda starting to become the norm with the people around me. I'd hate to say my friends are the problem, because they're actually really good people, but that is a big source of all the drama. If I had to be completely honest with myself though, I'd admit that most of it roots from (none other than) Cheyanne. I mean, it's not her fault that she's like this, right? The part that bugs me about it is the fact that, throughout our eight years of being like sisters, she always blamed me as a bad influence every time she did something wrong. Looks like she was the bad influence, not me. I feel linda sorry for her, actually. Everything she does makes me want to pity her. She's tonedeaf, she dresses poorly, she's vain, and she doesn't appreciate the people that care about her. A sad life, in my opinion. Probably a sad life in anyone's opinion. Well, I just hope she comes to realize it soon, before she really starts wrecking her own life permanently. I also hope that your life is a good one, whoever you are out there. So long, amigos.<33


The End

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