Journal #22

Dear Diary,
          Ugh. Drama is suuuuuuch a paaaiiiiiiin. =.=' I'll tell you why, just try to keep up, 'kay? Alright, so one of my friends was dating this guy (yes, I know the guy too, as he used to be my friend.. sorta) who was also Cheyanne's ex-boyfriend. Now, my friend and that guy have been having this on-off relationship for a few months now, because that guy keeps being a real ass. They always end up back together though, because my friend really, really likes this guy. No joke, it's not just some crush. And he keeps breaking her heart, over and over. Every time he does this kind of thing, she goes to her room and cries. This time, though.. He pulled a real doozie this time. My friend broke up with him yesterday because she hacked his Facebook inbox and found out that he had asked Cheyanne for pictures of herself in her underwear. Underwear. Underwear. And we're in middle school. Seriously?? But today the messages were deleted, so no one knows if Cheyanne actually sent the pictures or not. Her lips are sealed, too. She's not letting anything out about it. She has a girlfriend, by the way. So if the guy had a girlfriend and Cheyanne had a girlfriend (not boyfriend, girlfriend), then why would he do something like that to one of my best friends, who actually happens to really like him? And why would Cheyanne do that to her girlfriend? That just seems wrong to me. Really wrong. On a better note, I have no homework this weekend. Yippiee, that's been happening o me all week! That doesn't usually happen, as I normally have to finish my math assignments after school at home. Its not that the problems are hard or that the assignment's long, it's just that I'm kinda slow at that sort of thing. This whole week was full of worksheets though, so they went by really fast. We had a test today, so we wouldn't have had any homework anyway. That makes me happy, no mater what the case.^^ Oh! Forgot to mention, today was also Cheyanne's birthday. And her birthday party's tomorrow. But guess what? Cheyanne's girlfriend decided she's not going to the party. Gee, I wonder why. Hats off to you, Birthday Girl! Anywho, Imma get off of here and go do something with my gleeful self. Buh-bye for now!


The End

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