Journal #21

Dear Diary,
          Ermahgerd. Going crazy about the Host Club. XD Ohh, never mind! So get this: Cheyanne (my ex-best friend) got hit in the back of the head with a foam ball during Gym on Tuesday and went home early because she complained about a headache. Then the next d, she called her new best friend, Tori, and told her she wasn't at school on Wednesday because she has a concussion. From a foam ball. A concussion. Tori told me that on Thursday and I started laughing really hard. "And you really believed that?" I asked her. Response-- "Well, yeah.. Cheyanne wouldn't lie to me." Bahahahahahahaha!! She wouldn't, huh? Sure she wouldn't! Just like she didn't lie to me when she said she'd always be there. What a show. Really though, I had no idea Tori could be so gullible. Honestly.. I feel bad for her. I don't want her to get hurt by Cheyanne like I was. There is a good thing about all of this though-- because I'm moving to Silvis to live with Moneymaker and Aunt Sally and Uncle Ken, that means I don't have to deal with Cheyanne's fakeness anymore. (And yes, I know "fakeness" isn't a real word, but it just seems fitting for her.) On a happier note, I'm doing alright, generally. Yeah, I have bad moments sometimes, and I do get a bit irritable, but things are okay for now. I had a test in every single class at school yesterday (except for Band and Gym). Boy, was that hectic! I think I did fine on all of the quizzes, though, which I'm glad for. By the way! Allow me to explain what the Host Club thingy was all about. If you don't know, it's an anime show that I'm currently watching online. It's really trippy on how frilly and romantic it is, but it's also really funny. There're only 26 episodes of it in total, and I'm on episode 25. Man, you have no idea how sad that makes me. it's almost oveerrrrr! D; But anywho, if you wanna look it up, the actual title of the show is "Ouran High School Host Club". But you could also find it by just searching "The Host Club". Tamaki's one of the funniest anime characters I've ever seen. XD Have a great day, my peobles!


The End

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