Journal #16

Dear Diary,
          Errgh. Don't wanna talk about it. So I'll try to put a happy spin on it instead.^^ Uhm, hold on.. Wow, that's sad. Just the fact that I have to rack my brain for something positive to talk about in my life. Sigh! Welp, I suppose I'll talk about school today. We played some hard-core hockey in P.E. this morning, which left me pretty much exhausted for Industrial Tech. Speaking of, we didn't do much in I.T. either, except for watching a video and taking notes on it. We did a cross puzzle while listening to music in Language Arts and worked on a worksheet in Math, listened to our teacher blab on about the frontiers and whatnot in History.. blah blah. Today was a Choir day, so we worked on our new concert songs (We're doing a Journey medley for one of our songs! :D). Science was our seventh period, which was also spent taking/copying notes. English was the last part of our day. We spent all of that class on verbs and participle perfects and all that good stuff. It was pretty fun though, those perfects. But anywho, I guess I gotta go. Chow!


The End

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