Journal #15

Dear Diary,
          Yupp. Waited three whole days to post another journal. Aaaarrghh! I don't even wanna tell you about the last few days. Not because they were bad, but because I'm just plain old lazy. Er. Mah gerd. Toothbrush! >.> Anywho.. I didn't find until just this morning that I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with a psychiatrist to talk about my problems and depression. Ha. That's a hoot. Do they honestly think that's gonna help me? And even if I do eventually decide to talk to this shrink, whoever they are, then the least I'm gonna do is ask probe them about their past and problems first. Then maybe I'll talk. Maybe. But they said that it's involuntary that I go anyway. I have to at least go there, but they said that I don't have to say anything if I don't want to. Well guess what? I don't want to. Moneymaker ratted me out. I'm mad at her right now. I thought we had confidentiality! But I guess we don't. JFreak, I am never, ever going to tell you my private issues again. You are hereby untrustworthy to me. Which is just fine, because I guess you're mad at me too. For different reasons that I completely understand. But Aunt Sally thinks I don't understand. Hmph to her. I'm in no mood for a shrink, nor will I ever be. But I have no choice. Ugh, this sucks! This really sucks. Just like my life. Welp, anywho, buh-bye for now. I guess.


The End

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